Money doesn’t buy happiness… neither does being broke.

You see, there are lots of generally accepted quotes and sayings that are destructive and evil, some of them encourage mediocrity, doing just the barest minimum with the consolation that being average is normal, that’s ungodly.

We’ve come to understand that you don’t just need money(influence/bargaining chip) for you or your immediate/personal needs, it affords you the solutions to lots of other people’s problems; among many other benefits. Also, having more than enough is definitely not the cause of unhappiness.

So let’s get this straight, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil” right? So, understand that money is not the most important thing, and that there are more valuable things that money. Yet, please understand its purpose and importance. God is known for abundance, and if you identify with Him, your life should prove it as well.

Cheers to abundance.


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