Want to step out a little?

“Well, our farm is the biggest I know, never seen any other as massive, we grow all sort of crops, and our fields are so green, you should have a look in the harvest season, it’s always pure bliss!”.

My friend, it’s true your environment or current reality is so beautiful, in fact, I almost envy the balance and security you seem to have, what could be better, right? Well, let me burst your bubble, there’s a lot more, so much more than you know, think, or have seen, and there’s definitely something better.

Depending on your choice, there is always more grounds to cover, more phases to unlock, more fields to discover, etc. Our Father made us for much more, if only we would step out of our comfort, and go beyond where our eyes can see, as far as our wings will take us.

Cheers to new discoveries.


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